It dawned upon me that social media has made its partakers into curators of their own identities, unknowingly establishing each and everyone as a brand of sorts, the product being themselves.
I thought it would be interesting to try and develop a visual identity that, however simple, I could relate to and henceforth claim as my own personal-and-personalized brand/logo.
Looking for the best word to describe my ethos, I instead looked at my insecurities for inspiration. 
What am I afraid of and how does it relate to what I do?
After much deliberation, one word ultimately hovered to the top of the pile:
The reflection was followed by my first entry in an eponymous blog (which has yet to be made public), explaining its personal meaning:
I liked the word for what it represents figuratively – the rising (of ideas and ultimately of better design) but spelling Buoyancy as so felt too literal and tacking on design as a suffix had already been done: so I explored different ways of expressing the same idea while also attempting to give the word more poise, at least graphically, as well as making it more personal. I began by deliberately misspelling it.
The word always conjures to the mind a body of water; Sea. I chose to represent it graphically to strengthen the link using serifs. Yen because I was at a point in my life infatuated with Japanese culture and as such, it reveals a bit about my identity. Bo, for no particular reason other than the fact that it provides visual balance, and the inclusion of the letter U in the original spelling was always an oddity in the first place anyways :p.

Sleek and minimal. I wondered how much legibility was an important factor in this context as I realize not many would get it without hints or clues, fact which I later confirmed amongst my peers. Nevertheless, I find it very aesthetically pleasing and as it is meant to be a reflection of myself, its meaning being nebulous to some somehow feels justtt right.
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